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APT College is a distance education institution where the majority of the learning goals in its certificate and degree programs are achieved at a distance. The APT College curriculum is designed using a hybrid or blended approach. Students use the eLearning tools (multi-media content, online simulators, interactive animations, etc.) and technologies available through the APT eLearning Portal to master the course learning outcomes and complete assessment activities required to earn their credits. The distance learning activities are integrated into one of three modes of delivery:

  • Asynchronous Online: Students interact and collaborate with their instructor and classmates in the online platform anytime at their convenience
  • Webcast Online: Students join live online webcasts with their instructor to review topics, participate in lectures, discuss learning outcomes, ask questions, etc.
  • Blended: In addition to completing the online distance learning portion, students meet with their instructor in a physical classroom arranged by/with the employer to participate in lectures, review topics, discuss learning outcomes, ask questions, and perform hands-on labs when applicable. Lab equipment is provided by APT College.
  • In order to benefit from the unique distance learning opportunities provided by APT College, students will need to have access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. Click Minimum System Requirements to view the minimum configuration requirements.

    Course Times and Locations
    APT College courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of our students and can be scheduled for any date and time of the year.
    Asynchronous classes are delivered in a weekly format and the students collaborate with the instructor and classmates online at their convenience. Students can attend the scheduled online webcast form any location with a computer and reliable internet connection (see Minimum Requirements).

    Course Length 
    The duration of 4 credit hour courses (corresponding to 40 hours of academic engagement) vary between 10 and 14 learning sessions over a 5 to 7 week timeframe for webcast and blended modalities. Additional course sessions may be scheduled as a result of specific requests on an as-needed basis. A 4 credit hour asynchronous course has duration of 9 weeks. Students are expected to spend approximately twice the amount of time studying independently as spent with instructor-led activities (i.e, listening to video lectures). For courses that are higher credit-bearing, please contact an Academic Advisor or Education Representative.

    Quarter Credit Hours Academic Engagement Preparation Time Blended Webcast Asynchronous
    4.0 40 80

    5 Weeks 10 Session

    7 Weeks 14 Sessions

    9 Weeks
    6.0 60 120 N/A N/A 9 Weeks
    8.0 80 160

    10 Weeks 20 Sessions

    N/A 9 Weeks

    Tuition for APT College courses is $250 plus $37.50 per Academic Engagement Hour unless otherwise noted*. Tuition for each course duration is listed below. The tuition fees include textbook, course materials, labs, and equipment usage.

    Quarter Credit Hours Blended Webcast Asynchronous
    4.0 $1750 $1750


    6.0 $2200 $2200 $2200
    8.0 $2400 N/A


    * The price for CAT120 Microsoft Office 2013 and for all of the courses in the General Education program is $1750.

    For more information on tuition, fees, and refund policies please click  College Catalog .

    To schedule a course, please contact APT College for all your options.

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