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frequently asked questions

Who can enroll at APT College?

APT College is a closed enrollment school. In order to enroll, you need to be an employee in the telecom, cable, electric power utility, or related industries, and you need to be eligible for employer tuition assistance. 

How do I get an enrollment form?

To enroll online click here to find the APT enrollment form. (NOTE: for assistance with course enrollment, please contact your Education Representative. 

Why should I fill out the enrollment form? 
There are several important reasons why we need you to fill out as much of the information as possible. APT recognizes that all personal and work related information must remain personal and proprietary:
1. All confirmation information, grade reports, certificates, correspondence will be mailed directly to the home address. We don’t sell, give away, or share student supplied information with outside agencies.
2. Contact numbers are never shared, but needed for the following reasons:
(A) To confirm any information on the enrollment form that is unclear. 
(B) In cases of emergency and to inform you of any last minute schedule changes.
Why do you need my social security number?

All colleges currently identify transfer credits for individuals by their Social Security number. In order to report any college credits earned in a class to the American Council on Education we need your Social Security number. Social Security numbers and all personal information are kept in strictest confidence according to legal requirements. This information is not used for any other purpose.

Have you received my enrollment form?

When enrolling online, the APT website automatically sends you a confirmation reply. Feel free to contact the APT office to verify a submitted enrollment.

Where can I find upcoming scheduled classes? 
There are two options:
1. Contact your local Education Representative to request a class for a specific course.
2. Call APT at 800-431-8488 to contact the APT Representative for your area to discuss scheduling options.
I’ve cancelled my class, is there a cancellation fee? 

If APT cancels the class, you will not incur in any fee.

If you withdraw from a class after it has begun, you are responsible for a prorated portion of the tuition fee.

The class was cancelled due to low enrollment, now what?
1. Contact your local Education Representative to request a class.
2. Call APT at 800-431-8488 to contact the APT Representative for your area to discuss scheduling options.
What is the minimum/maximum class size?
Minimum class size is normally 10 or more students. In order to maximize lab efficiency, maximum class size is typically held at 20 students. For cases of 12 or more students, additional dates are added to the class schedule to accommodate a second lab session. This necessity is announced on the first day of class. Students are then divided into separate lab groups. 
How much does my class cost?
Please contact your Education Representative or the APT office for price information. The APT office telephone number is (800) 431-8488.
What class types do you offer?
APT College offers two types of classes: combination of online distance learning with face-to-face sessions and combination of online distance learning with webcast sessions. During the distance learning portion, you will use the eLearning tools (i.e. video lectures, interactive animations, course materials, links, and handouts) available via the APT eLearning Portal. [For a complete overview of the online courseroom refer to thee Learning Portal Orientation available in the “Getting Started” section of your online courseroom. In the face-to-face class type you will meet with an instructor in a physical class to review the topics and ask any question you may have. You will also complete the hands-on labs. Alternatively, in the webcast format you will meet the instructor “live” online. Contact APT office to know what classes are available via webcast. To learn more about distance education click here
Where will I submit my assignments? 
To earn points towards the course final grade, you will complete the activities in your online courseroom the passing grade for any course is 73%, or C. Activities include Distance Learning Assignments (DLAs), essays (Applying What You Learned Questions), and End of Part Exams. Where applicable, also Lab Activities and a Course Project are required. You can download the Syllabus from the “Course Materials” section of the online courseroom and view the point’s distribution and the related activities. The Academic Policy, available in the “Academic Policy and Procedure” section, provides guidance to be successful in your course. The Academic Policy is also included in the Welcome Packet you receive when you enroll in a class.
Do I need a computer to take a class? 

Yes, you need a computer and also a reliable Internet connection to:

  • Take advantage of the distance learning tools available online.
  • Complete all the required activities to earn your final grade.
  • What are the minimum system requirements to take a class? 

    Click here to view the minimum requirements necessary to attend an APT class.

    What are the basic Internet and computing skills required?

    The basic Internet and computing skills needed for all online courses include the following;

  • Using a browser
  • Downloading a free browser from the Internet
  • Downloading a browser plug-in, such as a video player
  • Posting to a discussion forum/board
  • Downloading and saving a file to your computer
  • Uploading a file by browsing your computer to locate a file
  • Entering your responses in a web-form, such as an online quiz
  • Sending emails to your instructor or peers
  • frequently asked questions

    Where is my class being held?

    Once your enrollment form is validated, a confirmation letter will be e-mailed to you. In the confirmation letter you will find the address where the class will be held.

    What are the dates of my class?

    Class schedule information can be found on the confirmation letter that is e-mailed to you.

    I’ve finished class, where is my certificate and grades? 
    Certificates and grade reports are processed, mailed and emailed approximately two-weeks after completion of the course. Look for a 9”x12” tan envelope. Please store your certificate and grades in a safe place; you will need to fax your grades and/or certificate to your company funding agency as proof of course completion.
    (NOTE. This is NOT automatically done for you; it is your responsibility to your funding agency. APT cannot do this for you.) If after 3 weeks you have not received your Course Completion Certificate and Grades please call the APT office at 800-431-8488.
    I can’t login in the eLearning Portal, what do I do now? 

    To get help, use the “How to Get Help” procedure that you received in your Welcome Packet at the beginning of the class. Or contact Student Services at studentservice@aptc.edu or 800-431-8488 .

    I can’t access an activity online. It is grayed out and when I click it, it doesn’t open. What should I do?

    Please contact your Instructor (your Course Manager) when you are unable to complete a required activity. The procedure for obtaining help from your Course Manager and other members of the Academic Team can be found by clicking “How to Get Help” in your My Home area online.

    I received my grade report with an Incomplete because I did not complete some of the activities online. Now what? 

    The Academic Policy and Course Syllabus outline assignment requirements. An incomplete letter is our attempt to highlight where there is missing work and to provide an opportunity for you to submit the work within a specified period of time. Please, contact your Instructor first, who will enable you to complete the required activities within the timeframe indicated in the Incomplete Letter. Or, use the “How to Get Help” procedure available in your My Home page online to get help. Once you submit the missing activities, we will complete your grading and issue your Course Completion Certificate assuming no other requirements are pending.

    I received a failing letter. Now what?

    We make our best to have our students strive. However, in order to successfully complete a course you have the responsibility to complete the activities online which give points toward the final grade, as reported in the syllabus. If you receive a failing letter because your grade was less than 73% or C, APT gives you the opportunity to attend the same class one more time at no charge. Please, contact your Education Representative, or call the APT Office at 800-431-8488. 

    What happens if I miss a day? 

    If possible please notify your instructor or call the APT office and we will notify the instructor. At the next class, ask your instructor about any previous activity you missed and information you might need.. Please do not miss the hands-on sessions or the proctored exam session (for in-class courses). Hands-on sessions are carefully scheduled and, most likely, there will not be an opportunity for a lab make-up before the next scheduled class in your area. If you miss the final exam, please contact your instructor. . The Academic Policy available in your online courseroom outlines the attendance requirements.

    I have to miss a day, what happens? 

    If you have to miss a day, please coordinate that with your instructor.. You must attend 70% of the class time at minimum in order to successfully complete the class. For example, you can miss a maximum of 3 classes in a 40 hour course with 10 sessions. The Academic Policy available in your online courseroom outlines the attendance requirements.

    Which class is college accredited? How many units? Type?

    The information is provided in the College Catalog and in the course details.  

    I’m having trouble with my funds, can I start class?

    Please contact the APT office to discuss options.

    What industry certifications do you offer? How much?

    Some classes offer industry certifications. Look at the class descriptions for each class for industry certifications being offered,

    What if I fail the industry certification exam?

    Most certification agencies allow two (2) attempts to pass the closed book exams for a single initial exam price. If you fail the first exam call the APT office to arrange an appointment to have the exam proctored a second time. In some cases, additional certification exam attempts require an additional fee charged by the certification agency. Please call the APT office for pricing information for retakes of certification exams.

    How do I get my college credits? How much does it cost?

    College credits are available to students taking degree-based courses beginning in 2007. To request an official transcript, please complete and return the APT Official Transcript Request Form. The first two transcripts in a student's lifetime are free. Every transcript requested thereafter costs $10. Upon graduation from APT, an official transcript will be included with the student's diploma at no additional cost.

    For students who took courses before 2007, some of our courses were recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE). ACE provides a transcript service for several of APT's classes. For more information, please visit the ACE CREDIT website at http://www.acenet.edu/acecredit



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