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Our Mission 
The mission of APT College is to provide online education to telecommunications, electric power, and renewable energy industry personnel. APT College is committed to providing students with service excellence in support of their educational and professional goals.

Institutional Objectives 
To accomplish our Mission, APT College has set forth the following institutional objectives:

  • Provide seamless and comprehensive academic and student support services
  • Develop and maintain curriculum that is aligned with current and future industry technologies and career opportunities
  • Design curriculum so that all learning outcomes are always met or exceeded through a distance learning framework
  • Provide students with interactive and applied learning opportunities to enhance knowledge and build relevant job skills
  • Support and promote continued training and professional growth opportunities for all College instructors and staff
  • Review, assess, and adapt all collegiate objectives and processes to ensure academic success for our students
  • Work closely with corporate and technology industry leaders for the purpose of customizing curriculum to the specific needs of current and future job position requirements

  • Institutional Objective Guidelines
    To help achieve our mission and objectives, the following Institutional Objective Guidelines will be used:

  • Students will successfully complete the required courses prescribed by their elected Program of Study
  • Student performance will be evaluated via course assignments, examinations, and lab assessments where applicable
  • Students shall maintain positive academic standing
  • Students will achieve their learning goals at a distance
  • The curriculum is designed using instructional materials that enhance mastery of concepts in a distance education environment and support our course and program learning outcomes

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